Arundel Tackle

If fishing is important to you, we think you should have the right equipment. It’s no fun spending half of your trip fumbling with gear or missing the big one because your rod isn’t sensitive enough to feel the bite. We created Arundel Tackle to provide anglers with a quality fishing experience, regardless of their skill level. Our first line of rods was “discovered” on a family vacation to Japan, when we tested some of LEGIT DESIGN’S WILD SIDE series rods on Lake Biwa. We knew it instantly: WILD SIDE rods were the best fishing rods we had ever used, and that remains true today.  Yet they weren't available in the U.S.  Light, sensitive, and adaptable, WILD SIDE rods deliver an unmatched angling experience. Whether you’re a professional angler or weekend warrior, we think everyone who fishes should have a WILD SIDE rod in their arsenal.

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When we think about fishing, we think about family. Our team at Arundel Tackle reflects that mentality. Our business is family-run, with Jeff, Rebecca, Jack (19), Tyler (16) and Henry (11) all helping to guide the company and fulfill its mission.


Iitaka Hirofumi (Hiro) and Onikata Takeshi (Onikata-san) are professional rod designers and the founders of LEGIT DESIGN. At PURE Fishing, Fenwick, and Tiemco, they designed some of the most iconic rods in industry, many of which are still on the market. Along the way, Onikata-san won Japan’s top bass fishing prize twice, and still competes today.

When the pair started LEGIT DESIGN, they wanted to create professional quality rods that could be used by the amateur angler. By combining Hiro and Onikata-San’s extensive knowledge of rod-engineering with their experience as professional fishermen, each of LEGIT DESIGN’s rods uses innovative technology to better the fishing experience for every angler.

LEGIT DESIGN’s freshwater WILD SIDE rods have been on the Japanese market since 2015, but are now available to American anglers through an exclusive partnership with Arundel Tackle.